Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tale of the tape (Part 1)

Ok, it's been nearly two weeks since I started this eating programme. It's been going well, I haven't had the hunger pangs most diets can leave you with (Bulletproof Coffee is ridiculously filling), my energy levels seem to have had a slight increase and it's been quite an easy plan to stick to....see my recipe posts for ideas of great meals you can eat while doing this. Other than one day where I had a few beers I've been careful to avoid redzone food and drinks. By sticking to th Intermittant fasting schedule I have hopefully maximised my time in a Ketogenic state.The combination of supplements I've been taking seem to have been helpful, my hair and finger nails seem to be growing thicker and healthier (Am I going to dodge the bullet of baldness?!?), I'm sleeping better, a receding gum problem I had has gone and my teeth seem to be accumulating less plaque build up, Rob jr seems to have gone into overdrive....But the most important thing it working. So we'll go back to my initial measurements and see if there's been any changes.

Original measurements :- taken on 25th September 2012

  •  Age 33 
  • Height 6’2″ 
  • Weight 334 lbs 
  • Neck 21″ 
  • Chest 58″ 
  • Waist 46″ 
Current measurements

  • Age 33 (no change)
  • Height 6'2" (no change)
  • Weight 325 lbs (9 lb loss, -2.7% from intial measurement)
  • Neck 21" (No change)
  • Chest 56.5" (1.5" loss, -2.6% from intial measurement)
  • Waist 45" (1" loss, -2.2% from initial measurement)
So it turns out I have lost both weight and diameter. I'm pleased with the progress but know that some of this may be water loss so will not get too excited. I'll continue and keep upating this to track my progress. As weight and body composition can fluctuate on a daily basis what I will do is update these measurements at a fixed time each month. So my next update will be on or around the 25th October and then will do that around the same time each month.

 If you're trying this plan as well I'd advise you to do something similar so you can chart your progress, it is pointless tracking your progress daily, those days where you lose nothing or even gain weight will only cause you stress...and stress can also reduce your potential weightloss too!

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