Thursday, 27 September 2012

Intermittent Fasting - What is it and how will it change my life?

One of the key components of the Bulletproof diet plan I'm eating is intermittent fasting. I'm no scientist so I'll try and explain it in layman's terms.

This is not a starvation plan, while ultimately losing weight by starving yourself would work eventually, it would also wreck your health. On this plan I will not consume carbohydrates or protein from 8 in the evning until 3 the next afternoon (If that particular schedule doesn't suit you then choose a 5 hour window to fit your own schedule). What this will do is put your body into what is called Ketosis. Ketosis is a function of the human body that converts the body's own fat stores into energy to ensure the body will keep ticking over (You can see why this might appeal to people seeking to lose weight). You may have heard of Ketosis if you've read anything about the Atkins diet which was the first major eating plan to really focus on putting the body in a Ketogenic state. If you want to know if you're in ketosis you can pick up ketostix on places like Amazon or ebay and pee on them to indicate the levels of ketones in your urine. One advantage that you may discover if you regularly go into ketosis is that you have more energy. Fat may be difficult to burn than carbs but it is a much greater energy any of you remember doing the experiment with the bunsen burner and the peanut in Science class? Don't eat peanuts though (prone to mouldy mycotoxins and full of omega 6 fats).

So how does this intermittent fasting plan work you ask? Well, by eating in that 5 hour window and with a low carb diet (don't bother counting grams of carbs, just stick to the green side of the chart on this page.) You're body's glycogen stores should have depleted enough to send you into ketosis. You probably won't notice much difference and best off all it will continue to do it's stuff as you sleep, converting your fat stores for energy as your body repairs itself overnight (And good quality sleep is vital, important as anything you may eat on this plan). The next morning you wake up and would typically now have breakfast (the name gives you a clue...break fast) and for 30 years I've been consuming Weetabix or Bran Flakes (Heart Healthy it says on the box, a more informed me now knows this is bullshit...die wheatbelly, die!) but not on this plan. You're going to do something that sounds ridiculous but will actually help you prolong that ketogenic state (and even make it easier later on for you to become ketogenic in the next fasting cycle) and will also satisfy any hunger cravings you may have.

Welcome to Bulletproof Coffee

My bulletproof coffee arrived this morning (see my previous blogpost for a link). You're probably wondering what the deal is with this coffee. As mentioned in my other post this is a low mycotoxin (free of harmful mould toxins that give you the jitters, make you feel crappy, etc) coffee which essentially serves as a fat delivery system. Brew your black coffee up, I'm using a cafetiere, but something like an Aeropress would work equally well (I'm sorry but Nescafe instant or Kenco Instant aren't really going to cut it...and forget caffeine free, caffeine is an outstanding performance enhancer). Now with your fesh coffee pressed and poured in your favourite mug (For me it's a 'Nerd Herd' mug from the TV show 'Chuck') you add your fat. Not cream or milk...this is going to get a little weird but trust me!!! Place about a tablespoon of that grassfed butter (preferrably unsalted) I was talking about in a previous post in the coffee, add a  tablespoon of coconut oil/MCT oil (For MCT oil try and get a pharmaceutical grade product). Blend it all together until the butter has completely melted and try it. Isn't that the richest, tasties cup of coffee you've ever had? For those who are not massive coffee fans you can add some things to flavour it, vanilla or dark chocolate are recommended (Try Lindt 90% dark chocolate, this can also be used as a snack on this diet which is good news for the chocoholics out there), not only will these taste great in BP coffee they also provide health benefits of their own.

This coffee is so rich and tasty it will fill you up throughout the day. At time of writing I had my cup 4 hours ago and am about 3 hours away from breaking the fast, not even slightly hungry. If you do find you get hungry (and you may  find this happen in the first couple of weeks then have another cup of BP coffee...or just have a tablespoon of butter. When you break you fast at 3 (or the time of your choosing) eat a meal which is as green as you can make it from that chart I linked to but don't sweat it if some of the things come from the amber list...I'm not judging! Do not have any more of the coffee (remember we want good sleep tonight!) but instead drink plenty of water, try drinking a glass an hour. Have a 2nd meal towards the end of that 5 hour window and then eat nothing more until you have your next morning's BP coffee. Repeat ad infinitum. Keep drinking water after you begin your new fast cycle though.

So there in a nutshell is how this eating plan is going to work...try it, you have nothing to lose but weight. And if you are trying it, give me some feedback on how you're getting on, this is a new experience for me too...let's motivate each other!

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