Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sorry for the break in posting

My  apologies, it's been...ooh, days since my last post. Unfortunately, I've been very busy with a degree course I recently started but I thought I'd fill you in with the only downside I've encountered since starting this diet. Over the past few days I've noticed something...none of my clothes are fitting me now! I've had to buy a smaller belt to stop my jeans from falling down around my arse and all my shirts and t-shirts are way too baggy...I look like an extra in some film about 90's Madchester. And the inches seem to be coming off quicker than even the weight. This may be because the Bulletproof Diet reduces inflammation in your body, thus removing glycogen and retained water weight...as well as fat. So I now have the expense of buying a new wardrobe....Every silver lining has a cloud...but it's a tax I'm prepared to pay.

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