Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Two pieces of great news

I found out two things yesterday that I simply had to share with you.

Firstly, this Paleo/Bulletproof dietary plan I've been on for nearly three weeks now. If you read my earlier 'tale of the tape' post you will know that I d lost about 9lbs in weight and also made a reduction in my body measurements,..but numbers can be a bit abstract. Well yesterday I saw the most encouraging demonstration of it's effectiveness. I went to put on a shirt I've worn only once about a month ago. Now this shirt wasn't tight but it didn't leave a great deal to spare at the time. However, when I tried it yesterday it felt baggy..so baggy I had to change out of it for something smaller as I felt ridiculous in it. It's an amazing motivator and shows what can be achieved by just removing wheat, potatoes and sugar from your diet. May all who try it have similar success.

The second great thing I turned up is pertinant to UK readers. You know how I've been banging on about Grassfed meat and it's health benefits, from it's higher proportion of Omega-3's, Vitamin K2 (Not present in grainfed meat) and other key nutrients. Well it turns out that it's far easier to source in the UK than I expected. I was already confident in our Lamb which is grass and pasture fed on mountains and hillsides but it turns out our Beef is largely the same. Almost all our Cattle is totally grassfed (apart from winter when most farms use Hay/Silage for feeding). We simply don't have the grainfed problem that North America has. Ironically, it's only our dairy farms that really seem to use a lot of grain (mainly to keep production up I suspect). So Paleo dieters of Britain rejoice. I would still recommend that you purchase Organic meat wherever possible because it means the animal was most unlikely to have been given any antibiotics and definitely didn't receive ay GM-modified feeds and also the quality and purity of the soil in the fields they grazed on is maintained as pesticides are not used and the grasses are allowed to grow and the animals feed as nature intended.

Also, being in Wales does mean I have access to some of the very finest meat in the UK. Welsh mountain Lamb or Mutton is truly the best in the world and I'd rate beef from Welsh Black cattle to be even tastier than Aberdeen Angus. Maybe it's the quality of the grass here. But hopefully for those people in the UK it's a relief to know that our homegrown produce is that good. So buy British (or Irish, as their standards are also high in the grassfed counts) and enjoy quality real food.

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