Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Coffee matters

As anyone who's followed the other post in this blog will know, I'm starting every day with a cup of Bulletproof Coffee...well, not quite. BP Coffee maybe excellent but I'm too frugal to pay that much for a bag of it.

I originally tried this one :- It was a single estate coffee produced using the same methods and in similar conditions to BP a third of the price. It was a risk that it would contain the mycotoxins that Dave Asprey talks about in his blog but fortunately this hasn't been the case. It remains the finest cup of coffee I've ever drunk. When that ran out I tried the free bag of another coffee that was supplied with my order, now this isn't a bad coffee but it isn't anywhere near as good. I feel like there may be a mycotoxin issue with this one. I do get jittery and it tastes somewhat bitter in comparison. So I'll be ordering the original one again...and with the money saved purchasing that over BP Coffee it gives me cash to spend on supplements...or butter!

Another think I've found to improve the coffee is Coconut Oil. I've tried it with a Tbsp of MCT Oil instead but I find adding just a little Coconut oil gives it a great flavour....vanilla works well, too.

So for those of you trying this, keep it going...I'm seeing myself that it's worth it and if you are giving it a go, please leave a comment here and tell us all how you're finding it.


  1. well, not quite. BP Coffee is capsiplex plus better maybe excellent but I'm too frugal to pay that much for a bag of it.

  2. Hi Rob. Have you stopped blogging? I am just starting the BP coffee and have read a few of your posts. I am wondering if you are still drinking the BP coffee and doing intermittent fasting, etc? I have been researching Paleo and adding real foods to my diet for the last year or two. Getting more serious about cutting out the junk; I HAVE to get this extra weight off! What were your results? Or did you give up? (as I have several times) I am a blogger/musician as well, in my spare time.

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  6. I also start each day with a cup of coffee and it will very well

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